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I'm really intrigued by this "Empty Space" idea. I've been to the Parramatta spaces and would love to get something going in the beautiful Hawkesbury region. I am a jeweller and also teach jewellery-making skills.

Anyone out there?



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Tracy - we've posted this group on the 'Connect in your area' section of Empty Spaces Website: http://emptyspaces.culturemap.org.au/connect-in-your-area


Hope you get some interest.


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Looking forward to pursuing this further :-)


Hawkesbury and Empty Spaces

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Hi Tracey,

Happy to chat further on 'testing the waters' for a ES type program in the area and what might be the process/ timeline; but please contact me on my email or call Council on 4560-4579. Thx, fiona.  



I sent you an email after

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I sent you an email after your initial reply, Fiona, perhaps it's gone astray.....


Will try again and perhaps try and get a quiet five minutes to give you a call soon.


Look forward to talking to you



Hawkesbury NSW

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Hi Tracey,

Contact me on fiona.mann@hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au to talk more about a empty spaces project ï»¿ï»¿ï»¿in the (upper) Hawkesbury River area. Windsor could be an ideal place to start. thx, fiona  ï»¿

Hawkesbury City Council interest

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Fiona Mann (Strategic Activities Planner) and Keri Whiteley (Cultural Officer) from Hawkesbury City Council had contacted us to find out more about the concept of empty space reuse for Windsor.  It might be worth making contact with them?